Product categories
D92 / 92mm
Product introduction
‧Caliber:Ø92 mm
‧Bag:50 pcs
‧Case:20 bag
‧Packing:50 pcs / 20 bag , 20 bag / case
‧Quantity:1000 pcs
Product details

Cheers Cup Co, Ltd. is founded in 2000 and is the first APET cold drink cup’s factory in Asia. We adopt high-tech automatic machine from Europe and ourselves technical R&D. In addition, we use the air-conditioning system overall the factory to keep the product’s quality and hygiene.

In 2003, to coordinate the government environmental policy, we promote the no pollution, no plastic ingredient and decomposable PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) cup. We will do our best to keep the world be more clean.

In order to satisfy customer’s demand, in 2007 we introduce the European equipment again. Besides the original PET and PLA cup, there are also PS lid (use for paper cup only) and other plastic material containers to enlarge our various products.